Family at the playground

Life of working father Struggling the system with no luck

Sound gift


The sound of noise

My father came for a visit
We sit on the park bench
So, how was traveling in India with the girls, he asks
I recognize skepticism in the question
Far less dangerous than it seems, I reply
He sighs, sighs of disappointment and moves into a firm tone
They have lost a lot, they will have to work hard now to complete their studies
I smile,
They learned more than any average child can learn
What they learned, he disparages
Even if I explain to him, he does not want to understand
So I choose the fable
They got to know the sound of the silence and the sound of the noise
They got to know the sound of the morning and the sound of togetherness
He raises an eyebrow,
Then he looks at his granddaughters playing in the mud,
They are the only ones that are dirty, among all the children
He puts a hand on my shoulder
You may be stupid, he says
But surely you are smarter than me

Sound wave gift

The sound of noise –

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Place in the Heart

Sitting on the bench, my kids playing in the park
There are many empty park benches.
Yet one mother sits next to me.
She is pregnant and has a baby
“I see you a lot here”
I smile
She continues, “So tell me, have one child, she is all  my world, and I am pregnant, how can you love another child? How do you have more room in your heart?”
I smile
It’s beyond the the rules of physics I answer
When the second child has born, a new in room createdat your haert.
But not at the expense of the existing room and without heart expands.
that’s how it is
She smiles
Stroking her belly
Thank she says
And going
The girls come to me
Dad, what this woman want?
She wants to study physics, I smile
The girls also laugh


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Another day at the park

Sitting in the park
The girls  are playing
A mother comes, with phone in hand
Her kid hanging from her dress

I drink coffee and watch the trees
The woman suddenly shouts: cockroach!
She grabs me by my shirt

From afar my daughter looks at us
She does not see the danger
Lady, I try to calm her
It’s just a bug

Kill him! She tells me
I smile, I can not
Kill him! She hysterical
I know you, you’re in here every day, like you do not have any job at all
So do something useful in your life
And kill this cockroach

She shakes me, screaming into my ear
My daughter arrives,
Picks up the cockroach in her hand and takes him away from this woman

My savior
I thank her with a wink
She smiles and asks
Can you build with me a sand castle?

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The day that I quit my job

A man is sitting in his office
Yesterday he promised himself
That tomorrow will not be the same
But tomorrow has come
The coffee is the same coffee
And in a month from now or maybe a little less
He will not remember this day
And the day will follow
From time to time he misses
Days he was simple worker
But then the salary was not something
And now he has “good work”
He longs to change
But it is impossible
“You can not do what you want more”
People say to him
“Now you have a family and a mortgage, and more ….”
From time to time it is burning in his stomach
And immediately turn off
Maybe it will take courage
Maybe it will happen next
Then he would remember this day
Typing at the computer
Looking for comfort


My 60th birthday

Sitting on a bench at the park

My children are standing in front of me.

Sitting next to me – my father

He says:

“What a waste, you should have learn programming, computers”

The kids says: Dad, Come play with us

I jump, play, roll with them on the grass

“What will you do when you’re 60 years old?” He shouts to me

“I have no idea, for 60th birthday” I answer

He is angry

“So, what do you have to say?” He asks angrily

“Dad,” I pause the game.

“Come play with us”

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Big changes

It is hard for people to accept something new.
I don’t have any steady job. This statement can undermines anyone in front of me.
Some would raise an eyebrow, some asks what’s my problem. The first sentence of people which I haven’t seen for ages is: “Hey, we heard that you’re not working, is  it right?”
My wife loves her job, she is a career woman, I like to sit in the park, watch my daughters playing.
If the situation were reversed, my wife was sitting at the park and I was working nobody would ask what her problem is.
But the situation is not reversed. And until something will change. I sit in the playground.