Family at the playground

Life of working father Struggling the system with no luck

She beat me

The girl who beats up with no reason

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I have a park next to the house; So, I go there with the kids, sitting on a bench and enjoy watching them play.
Came a girl who  i do not know, her face was  angry, she  pushed kid  of friends that was standing in line to slide, the child’s head hit the ladder.
I ran to the boy while I was looking for the mother of the beating girl.
I hugged the boy who was crying when the beating girl climbed on the slide with an evil smile
I found her mother, she wore glasses and played with her smart  phone, she saw what had happened but did nothing.
I once heard that there are no bad children, only a child that feels bad. But everything is now gone.
Carelessness of the mother with the haughty smile of the beating girl made me leave jitter.
I came to the mother.
“Your daughter hit a child for no reason” I said
“Apparently he was bothered her”, she replied dryly while her eyes were still focused mobile phone screen.
“He never met her before”, I replied.
“Let your child handle the situation alone”, came the answer, “life is not easy, you know”
No choice, I have to teach her a lesson.
I grabbed her smart phone out of her hand
“Now you’ll be with your daughter!” I answered, and keep on her, she beats for no reason.
Horror in her eyes increased, not me she was afraid of. I could see it, something else scared her
I told her I was going to confiscate her phone for 10 minutes. Something she can do with little effort.
Now the horror on her face turned to helplessness, the whole was pleading, just do not let me play with my daughter, give me another penalty …
It’s not a punishment (I read her thoughts) is a gift …
And so it ends (at least, by my imagination)
Since I saw the same woman and her daughter at the park a few times, but never held a phone anymore, instead she found other activity (Began to knit sweaters)


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

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