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War about candy (crazy mom part 1)

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I was standing in the middle Park, shamed and shriveled in front of an angry mom, one hand she held her child, you could see that the boy did not want to be present in this place, but she would not let him go, her other hand holding a imaginative sharp knife with it terrified me.

“We set not bring snacks to the park, I’ve spoken with your wife, so how come that your child comes with candy? Now my son wants also…” she yelled and from the tone of her voice I could tell that any answer I will give won’t be good enough

“If it will help solve the problem then I have a spare candy”, I was relieved to think that I could get out of the situation. “Here’s a kid Take, take candy, just go with your cute little mother …” I said, handing him the candy.
“it is not about one  more candy!”  Her angry interrupted the tranquility of the park she snatched the candy from my hand and threw it on the grass, Her eyeswere full of contempt and hate, the imaginative knife was raised again in the air.

“We said that we bring only fruit to the park, healthy food, what do you think? It is  easy to me make my child eat   fruits?, I fought my child today,  and you came and ruined everything! ” Then, kneeling evolved to a whimper carpenters,”he almostagreed to eat an apple,” she murmured.

Her tears touched me, I went back to a familiar place – I made a mistake

That mother angry at me, when I will  get home my wife will  be mad at me, and until I get to my house, at the way, probably more people will be  mad at me

The mother whimpered quietly, her hand still holding the apple that almost ate her son, the boy was released from her hand stared at her in silence, my girls continued to eat the candy, without knowing about the sad situation where their father is
And I knew I had no choice, I cannot escape, this time I had to fix it
I approached to the mother, took her hand gently and said:

(To be continued…)


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

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    well. this is doesnt not talk about judaica but, i it happend to me too…

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