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War about candy (crazy mom part 2)

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Synopsis:Continue of Part One  A group of mothers decided not to bring more snacks to the park. I did not know that and brought sweets for my daughters, one angry mother that her son didn’t eat the apple because of the snacks I brought, snapped at me furiously.
The mother wept softly “He almost ate the apple “ Her son stood and squinted at my daughters eagerly ate snacks , al the park mothers gathered around us and I knew I had to change the situation.
“Lady, I’ll make sure that your son will eat the apple ”
She looked up at me with contempt and mumbled that I was stupid . Mothers clucked their lips but I didn’t flinch , I took the apple , I gave it to the boy ‘s face and said, ” Boy , eat this delicious , I very highly recommend ”
The boy shrugged
” Boy,” I turned up my voice a little , ” If you eat an apple you will be strong , you want to be strong right? ”
The boy shrugged again , pulled runny nose and looked towards my daughters snack eaten with relish , not knowing the fatal situation in which her father is.
” Boy,” I shouted, ” If you do not eat the apple , the apple will eat you ! ”
But the boy didn’t get panic , he just pointed to my girls candy.
The minute of grace which I received from the mother and her support group dwindled, if I do not go out of this situation I can not even come back to this park, I began to sweat, the clock was ticking, I looked straight to the poor child, what dark secrets do you have, bastard child,
Then I saw. this The little creep doesn’t look at the candy, all the time, he looked basically to my older daughter, he wanted her!
Snotty kid, easily, and without shame, “boy” I turned to him, this time softly, trying that the group of mothers will not be able to listen, “do you want to play with my daughter?”
The boy nodded shyly
I looked at my daughter, she immediately understood my situation , many years of experience she has with me , by this time she learned how to cover for me and my failures

” If you eat the apple , I ‘ll let you play with her ” I continued.
The boy swallowed the apple in one bite.
” Come, Boy , Let’s play” my daughter said to him, she was always been my savior , then she took him by the hand and walked with him along to the swings
The mother stopped sobbing, I smiled at her and to the mothers group that was standing behind her. She did not smile back just said:
“Tomorrow I will come here again, with a banana. So you better be here with your daughter “ she said and left.
My daughter came back. “you won’t tell mom , right?” I asked
” Do not worry Dad, I will not tell ” she said and smiled.


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