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Life of working father Struggling the system with no luck

Dad tries – and fail

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I had no choice. I was told my daughter’s class will be 35 students. I know it is the standard permitted, and parents live peacefully with this fact, but to me it seems shocking and absurd, how we have After I sent several letters I realized I needed to be creative. I made an appointment with the head of education, I invited him over for a barbecue, and after drinking a few glasses of wine, I asked: “How can I reduce the number of students in the class?” He tipped me his head and whispered: “Quite simply, you’ll find one more child will be added to class , once the number of students exceeding 36 children they have to split the class into 2 ” Now, where can I find another child? I looked at friends from other neighborhoods, nobody agreed to bring his child, it turns out that what is important to them this child would be the best place for him, I also tried with the homeless, immigrants, illegal aliens, etc., no one showed interest. Creativity requires me again I posted on Facebook about new competition. With prizes. First prize, a class with only 20 students. Tens of thousands were registered for the competition. I chose someone at random and told him that he had won, and now all that is left to him is to go through my neighborhood and sign up for school. Parents agreed, a few days later I received a letter from the principal informing me that it has received approval from the Ministry of Education to open an unusual class of 37 children I went to city hall, I entered the Department of Education, looked frowning clerk and in doing so, without taking my eyes I reached up and knocked on the table. To my surprise, the table broke and a glimmer of a tree injuring my finger, got a lot of blood At the hospital I told the nurse my story, she said it was all nonsense and you can get used to anything. “let go”, she said to me “and stop so protect your daughter, let her be independent and rely on” I thought about what she said to me I went home, my head down, ashamed. I leaned toward my dear daughter, “I tried,” I said, “but I had failed,” she looked at me, then smiled and asked, “Dad, you can go play in the sand?”


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

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