Family at the playground

Life of working father Struggling the system with no luck

I was saved

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My boss called and demanded I come now.
“But now 8 pm” I tried to rebel.
“I do not care, I need you, come now!”
I asked my wife if she could drive me to work
“Now?? At this time??? There are no limits to your boss”
“I do not take you there, just so you can shake with your boss ”
“But it’s really just work” I tried defend myself
“Bite me,” came the reply.
Sometimes I want to jump back to the time we got married, maybe I could change some things
Phone rings again. The second time, this is my boss.
“I’m waiting …”
I start to sweat, this is the third worki got  fired me this year. Too bad, until I base my status, to lose everything now?
My wife takes the car keys. “I’m going”
“Wait a minute,” I try another tactic. “I do not want to go, but for whom I do it? For us, for our children, so we have money”
Speech work, my wife’s face begin to soften, she comes at me sensually
“This speech would take if you had a high-tech work, but earning minimum wage as an employee at McDonald, sorry, but you need to work a little harder”
The phone rings for the third time. This time it is  a video call. I could see in her eyes, staring at me from the screen, blazing fire:
“You’ve got 10 minutes, otherwise you’re fired”
“I’m coming,” I said helplessly started jumping in place.
Somehow it amused her
“Your humor cracks me up, I can not be angry with you”
Tell that to my wife I said.
“Well,” she giggles. “This time I give up, do not forget to come early tomorrow, I’m free, I’m celebrates 22nd birthday”
“I will not forget,” I reply, turning off the phone and cleaning the sweat, I calmed down, I was saved.
Now I find out that my daughter watched from the side all scene
I lean toward “Dad managed to jump over all the obstacles, Dad saved …” I said in the tone of winning, she just looked straight into my eyes and asked, “Dad, when can we go play in the sand?”


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

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