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Life of working father Struggling the system with no luck

pure cell love

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I sits on the bus on my way to another day of work,  young girl goes into,she talking on mobile, sitting next to me, she speaks out loud, the guy left her, so she says and she don’t no know what to do, while she consults with her friend, she speaks openly about all her secrets, what she likes to do with her boyfriend, what annoys her, what turns her boyfriend on…
So I was forced as a captive audience to hear a long conversation, she suddenly screams and decides to take revenge on the guy, then she regrets and then again she think about malicious idea, and the truth, I was interested to know if she would get revenge or not. Just one stop before my stop she got off . I had no choice, at the last moment I jumped off the chair and jumped off the bus, I followed her in silence just to hear the end.
When I got home my wife looked at me indifferent, “what happened this time? Where have you been? And by the way you’ve got call from work” she said “you got fired”.
It’s okay, I mean, I’ll talk to my boss.
“Aren’t you sick” she asks, “man your age, with a wife and children, to dream all day, working mcdonalds, don’t you want to be a little bit an adult?”
While I was I think what to say, my daughters come and hug me with pure love, then, when I finished reading them the story, they are already in bed, just before they fall asleep big girl asks me: Dad, you can buy a Cell Phones?


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

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