Family at the playground

Life of working father Struggling the system with no luck

My 60th birthday


Sitting on a bench at the park

My children are standing in front of me.

Sitting next to me – my father

He says:

“What a waste, you should have learn programming, computers”

The kids says: Dad, Come play with us

I jump, play, roll with them on the grass

“What will you do when you’re 60 years old?” He shouts to me

“I have no idea, for 60th birthday” I answer

He is angry

“So, what do you have to say?” He asks angrily

“Dad,” I pause the game.

“Come play with us”


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

6 thoughts on “My 60th birthday

  1. Play is what life should be about. The more time we spend playing the happier we are. Don’t worry about what could’ve been; worry about the impact you’ll have and the impressions you’ll leave behind. Especially with you’re children.

  2. This is so poignant. But you said it in such a happy tone…..

  3. I so identify with your blogs. Displeased the parents. Raised 5 kids, we lost jobs, took in Dad with Alzheimers. Retirement has been a joy because now I write and enjoy 5 grandkids. Am about to publish my first book at 83. My motto is It’s never too late!. Thanks for the like.

  4. Writing a book helped me understand and sympathize with my own parents who came from a different time—the Depression colored their behavior and also their childhood as immigrants. we North Americans are immigrants.
    Yes, we all should play more. I doubt that many old people say “I wish Had worked harder.”

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