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The day that I quit my job

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A man is sitting in his office
Yesterday he promised himself
That tomorrow will not be the same
But tomorrow has come
The coffee is the same coffee
And in a month from now or maybe a little less
He will not remember this day
And the day will follow
From time to time he misses
Days he was simple worker
But then the salary was not something
And now he has “good work”
He longs to change
But it is impossible
“You can not do what you want more”
People say to him
“Now you have a family and a mortgage, and more ….”
From time to time it is burning in his stomach
And immediately turn off
Maybe it will take courage
Maybe it will happen next
Then he would remember this day
Typing at the computer
Looking for comfort


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

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