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Life of working father Struggling the system with no luck


Another day at the park

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Sitting in the park
The girls  are playing
A mother comes, with phone in hand
Her kid hanging from her dress

I drink coffee and watch the trees
The woman suddenly shouts: cockroach!
She grabs me by my shirt

From afar my daughter looks at us
She does not see the danger
Lady, I try to calm her
It’s just a bug

Kill him! She tells me
I smile, I can not
Kill him! She hysterical
I know you, you’re in here every day, like you do not have any job at all
So do something useful in your life
And kill this cockroach

She shakes me, screaming into my ear
My daughter arrives,
Picks up the cockroach in her hand and takes him away from this woman

My savior
I thank her with a wink
She smiles and asks
Can you build with me a sand castle?


Author: leonard79

Sitting and looking. sometimes standing and still looking.

One thought on “Another day at the park

  1. 😮 What a lovely account. Could just picture it.

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